Why outsource to the Philippines?

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You have heard us recommend that you outsource your work to the Philippines.  So, why the Philippines and why Filipinos?

I may not be the best person to write about this.  No wait, on second thought, I think I am.  Shameless promotion of my country, race, and trade aside, I seriously believe that the Philippines is the best country you can outsource your work to.  And why do I think that?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Filipinos are the best English-speakers in Southeast Asia – I even daresay that Filipinos are the best English-speakers in Asia.  The Philippines was an American-administered territory from 1898 until 1946 and was the site of American air and naval installations until 1991.  Because of this, the country is heavily influenced by the American culture and language.  English is the primary language of instruction in schools.  It is not difficult to find a Filipino that speaks very good English with little to no trace of a native accent.
  2. Most Filipinos are well-educated – College education in the Philippines is relatively cheap and since you can never find a decent job in the country unless you graduate with a degree, a lot of Filipino students go to and finish college.  The educational standard in the Philippines is also competitive with other more developed countries and in fact, the country is seeing an influx of foreign students from neighboring Asian countries like Korea and China.
  3. Filipinos love to please other people - Sometimes, to a fault.  Filipinos will put other people’s needs over their own.  If they have a guest in their home, they will give the guest the best room, the best linen, never mind if they end up sleeping on the floor.  Seriously.  Filipinos are weird that way.  Maybe that’s what our ancestors hammered into our subconscious.  We reserve the best china for guests and use cheap, ordinary dinnerware the rest of the time.  My point is, if you hire a Filipino, they will do what you ask them to do to the best of their abilities because they would want to please you.
  4. Filipinos are very loyal – Treat them well and you will have a worker who will be willing to work with you until they are no longer able to.  Hiring a Filipino will lower your worker turnover.
  5. Filipinos are familiar with Western business practices – Business practices in the Philippines are very similar to Western business practices, it is almost eerie.  However, being an American colony for almost 50 years, it is hardly surprising.  And did I mention that our accounting and legal systems are similar to America’s as well?
  6. Filipinos have lower wages – I did save the best reason to hire a Filipino for last.  Filipino wages are, on an average, only about 12% of American wages for the same area of practice. That in itself is reason enough why a lot of work is being outsourced to our country and perhaps, you should too.

Now, it’s time for my shameless promotion:  Whenever you decide to outsource work, do think of Filipinos and the Philippines first.

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  1. The best reason to hire a filipino is because you can hire him very cheaply? That is just wrong. You are selling our intelligent, web-savvy brothers and sisters into online slavery. You should be fighting to have our countrymen get equal wages with the rest of the I.T. community around the world. But no, here you are, making money by helping filipinos get hired with only a fraction of the wage they are supposed to get. Shame on you.

  2. @Juan dela Cruz:

    Welcome to EasyOutsource. Like you, I am a Filipino online freelancer and proud to be one, at that. When I wrote this article, I based it on FACTS. Fact is, the reason why people from other parts of the world outsource to our country is a matter of economics. It is more economical for them to hire Filipinos than hiring people from their own country. It is a known fact that our wages are much cheaper than those in western countries as our cost of living is much lower than theirs. If we get or charge equal wages than Americans, why will Americans bother to outsource to us? Wouldn’t they rather hire fellow Americans and help alleviate their own economy in the process? What will happen to the millions of Filipinos who depend on outsourcing if this happens – call centers in particular?

    I am not selling Filipinos short. It fact, the main reason I wrote this article is to point out the reasons why foreign employers SHOULD consider the Philippines when they outsource work. This is aimed to generate more jobs for fellow Filipinos, not promote online slavery. I understand your passion and pride at what you do. We are actually in the same boat. However, pride in our race should be tempered with realism and reality is that right now, wages in the Philippines are a lot lower than that of the US.

    If promoting the Philippines to foreign employers, in the hopes that they will hire fellow Filipinos when they outsource work, is a disservice to our country, then you’re right. Shame on me.

  3. @Juan dela Cruz:

    I am one of the owners of EasyOutsource and I thought I would chime in on this.

    First off, I completely understand your frustration with seeing that a primary reason to outsource to your country is lower wages. However, we at EasyOutsource cannot control international salaries. The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower than the cost of living in the United States, and as long as that is the case the wages will also be lower. Hopefully one day the Philippine economy will be strong enough that you are no longer dependent on foreign employers for higher salaries, but that will take many decades to accomplish. The modern Philippine economy is fairly young and still has a lot of developing to do before the value of the Peso will match the value of currencies in advanced economies like the United States. If labor wages there were the same as here, nobody would ever outsource… In the meantime, the relative lower wage allows Americans to hire labor at rates cheaper than we can get here, and allows you to get jobs that pay well relative to average salaries in the Philippines. The goal of EasyOutsource to help Filipinos get jobs and to help Americans build more efficient businesses. We genuinely want to improve the lives of everyone who uses our site.

  4. I just joined the site after seeing it several times in the past 2 months, I have never outsourced (it’s just me), but I will be soon, I can’t do it alone. The thing about the profiles on the site is that people are willing to learn. I don’t need and can’t afford an expert, so to have a site where you can see experts and people willing to partner and learn with you is inspiring to me.

    I don’t know you Michael and Honey, but the response that you left to a difficult and challenging post was great, even the turnaround was quick. In any situation, especially a touchy subject such as outsourcing and the Philippines , you can choose to look at the negative or try to use your own reality to make the best of the situation, which is what I feel this website is doing. Best of luck.

  5. @Jewels:

    Welcome to EasyOutsource! We are glad that you decided to join our site. We hope that you will find the right contractor to help you with your needs. Should you need any help, or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to message me or support and we will be very glad to help you out :-)

  6. Two thumbs up for the admins Honey and Michael. It is not promoting ONLINE SLAVERY or are there any ulterior motives in OUTSOURCING FILIPINOS. In fact, it’s a symbiotic relationship between countries. Filipinos get paid with bracket-line salary whilst Philippine economy is gradually boosted with remittances abroad. The same way with outsourcing Foreign people, especially Americans, since they get to pay outsourced jobs cheaply but satisfactorily. Cheers for the Admins and OFWs(Online Filipino Workers)!

  7. @Jayson:

    Thanks! We’re glad you appreciate all the work here in EasyOutsource. :) Even friendship can be gained from outsourcing. It’s really a great experience having friends from other countries and every work should be like this. To gain friendship so anyone can enjoy the work they are doing. However, each contractor should still not forget their limitations when communicating with his employer.

  8. @honey -> go go go Honey , i love reading your articles and there is no foul play … he was just over acting, joke :) ^^ B-) ;) :) )

  9. Honey.

    I believe Filipinos are lucky for such an opportunity. I am from Africa. You should hear what the Americans are saying about you Filipinos, they love hiring you. not any one else in the world. as one person said, “outsourcing works in Philippines only” and he went ahead to list more than 7 qualities to qualify the statement.

    Another advantage that i see your country is getting is the enormous additional training from those companies that outsource your people. Transfer of technology is very important. I think in the long run Philippines will be looked at as a technology center of the world.

  10. djam said on July 1, 2011


    That’s nice to hear Charles! Thank you for informing us. Honey is indeed a good writer here in EasyOutsource.

  11. Well, I joined the site a couple of hours ago. As compared to other websites where VA applicants are posting profiles, EasyOutsource is simply the best. I am even promoting it now (http://filipinova.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/proud-to-be-a-filipino/). Keep it up guys. I am proud to be one with you now.

  12. Thank you very much Jojo. Proud to be a Filipino! Good luck! :)

  13. A friend just introduced me to your site. She is so impressed tro be working with your VA’s. She’s here in the US, as am I, but was introduced through an Australian company she works with. I love the responsiveness to the reply Juan dela Cruz made from both Honey and Michael made. Another “truth” is that many start up, small businesses need OPTIONS to grow their business and be able to ay larger wages to anyone/anywhere. I will be trying your services shortly and if my friends experience s any exanmple, i’m sure I’ll be telling others. Honey-LOVE the pride you shared in your country/country men/women.

  14. thanks for posting. The replies in response to low wages – were quite inspiring and positive. :)

  15. im a little confuse about this site,can someone teach me on how to apply on a position that i want to apply thanks.

  16. you’re blog was very inspiring and interesting..i truly believe in all you have said in your blog..be proud that you are Filipino..cause Filipino people are well known for being nice and you can trust on..i love reading your other blogs! keep blogging :) ) more power and God bless.!

    • @julius: Hi, There are many job posts on EasyOutsource. Just browse the list (http://easyoutsource.com/jobs/) and apply to as many as you want. Keep in mind though, you should follow all reasonable requirements and don’t just click the “apply” button. There are employers who would want you to submit your application in their email addresses provided. Also, please always check your email and your EasyOutsource account to check if there are any private messages from employers.

      Thank you for using EasyOutsource. We hope the site can help you find your ideal job.
      Good luck and happy job hunting!

  17. Definitely Philippines is a good outsourcing hub. I am an internet marketer and I just want to know how to hire people to become my staff because I am promoting my online business. How can I get people from here?

    • @Henry Herbert: Hi, it’s free to sign up as an employer here on EasyOutsource. As of the moment, it’s also free to post a job. We have thousands of freelance workers looking for work, one of them might be able to help in your business.

      For more details on how to get started please visit this link: http://easyoutsource.com/about/

      Hope this can help.


  18. Philippines has unlimited supply of human resource, that’s why. Not because we are more populated than India but because we have a gargantuan amounts of unemployed citizens.

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  22. Thank you for mentioning the Filipino traits that best suit us as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. Here at AICOM we make sure that those traits are nurtured and developed and provide highly – skilled individuals to deliver world class quality service at significantly lower costs.

  23. I will really agree that the Philippines is a great outsourcing hub. I can attest to that because we are a new outsourcing company establish here in Philippines and we hire great Filipino staff. They are very much productive and fun to work with. They are flexible professionals who are very well-versed in speaking the English language and they are culturally adapted to the influence of the western cultures. Our company Just SImply Outsourcing Worldwide provides clients efficient and effective business solutions without jeopardizing the end results.

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