How much do Filipino workers earn?

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The Philippines is a gold mine of professionals.  Every year, Philippine colleges across the nation graduate 380,000 students across different courses and fields of study.  Students choose their field of study based on their interest, intellect, their parent’s ability to afford the tuition, and more than anything else, how much they expect to earn once they enter the work force.

One of the more common courses that most Filipino students take up have to do with computers and information technology.  In this field, they have a higher chance of getting a job than any other course of study.  So, you might be wondering, how much does a computer professional earn in the Philippines?

According to ZDNet Asia’s Philippine IT Salary and Skills Report 2008, the following table shows the average annual salary of IT professionals in the Philippines.

IT rates

Aside from IT professionals, you might also be interested to learn about average salaries for other traditional jobs that are comparable to more common jobs being outsourced on the internet nowadays.

  • Average Salary of an Executive Assistant:

executive assitant rates

  • Average Salary of a Data Encoder:

data encoder rates

  • Average Salary of a Customer Service Representative:

customer service rates

All of the above tables will help you determine the average salaries that working Filipinos receive for different job descriptions.  These are the rates given by brick and mortar companies and doesn’t include benefits – both government mandated and other benefits the companies may opt to provide their employees.  In essence, employees receive more than their salaries in the form of benefits.  They get pension plans, health care plans, paid leaves, overtime pay, cost of living allowances, 13th month pay, holiday bonuses, etc.  These benefits, more than anything, inevitably increase the value of an employee’s salary.  Nevertheless, this will give you a fair idea on the salary range you may wish to offer your Filipino contractor for similar job openings.  Just keep in mind that you’d have to add a certain percentage on top of these rates to compensate for the benefits that your worker will not be receiving if they work online.

On the next installment of this series, I will cover the different benefits that companies in the Philippines are required to give to their employees as mandated by the government, as well as other common benefits enjoyed by Filipino workers.

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  1. We have been trying to find this for a long time. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You’re welcome! Do check back for more posts related to this topic as you may also find them useful. Thanks!

  3. I think certainly you get what you pay for is correct. This is also strongly dependent on inside metro manila and outside. The cost difference between the two is staggering.

  4. You are right. The salaries in provinces vs in big cities are certainly different as the cost of living between them is also very different. The amounts quoted above are nation-wide averages. Thanks! :-)

  5. How about for writers/rewriters?

  6. Hi. Would I be able to cope financially reasonably well within a western standard of living in The Philippines on an average income on 2000 am.dollar when I would have to measure medical expenses into the dayly costs ?
    I will look forward to have your reply on that. Thank you.
    Torbjörn Rath Olsen.

  7. If I donate $25.00 of USA currency to a friend in the Philippines — how many Pesos will he receive in exchange?
    Is $25.00 in American money equal to one week’s income in the Philippines for non-college educated & unskilled workers?
    Can Americans spend USA currency in the Philippines?
    Or, should they exchange American currency for Pesos?
    Please advise. Thank you.

  8. @Olsen….Yes…$2000 a month is already enough…sometimes even more than enough to live comfortably in the PH, especially if you live on your own.

    @Nona….an estimate of 1,000 PHP will be the equivalent of $25…. 1,000 php is equivalent to like 3 days of work (in my opinion)…. You need to use PHP currency if you want to shop in the philippines, unless you will go shopping on Duty Free Stores which accept foreign currencies.

  9. lars said on May 10, 2011

    Q: Is $25.00 in American money equal to one week’s income in the Philippines for non-college educated & unskilled workers?

    A: I’ll double that amount and you work for me lol!

  10. elow… i just want to ask, in our municipality hall, the salary of the casual workers is just P100.00 a it really to be like that? many of the casual employees are not given the chance to become a regular employee even they are already 10 yrs in service…i am just concern bout their situation…i need some explanation plz…tnx

  11. djam said on July 1, 2011

    @concern citizen:
    There are qualifications and requirements that you have to comply to be able to become a regular in a government. If you would like to be regularized, taking and passing Civil Service exam will be very helpful. :)

  12. Thanks for sharing this I agree with mac itone ring maker. ; >

  13. What is the average cost of live in help (someone willing to cook, clean, and take care of kids)?

  14. When this was posted? I think this is kinda late.. because the minimum salary as of today is 426 daily included with cost of living allowance (COLA). so if you are working in 5 days for 1 year (262 working days) your monthly salary is approximately 9,301 gross per month, And I think the call centers doesn’t give rates that is below than this. Just sharing my thought. =)

  15. @CJen
    It’s usually 3000 pesos/ month. We have a helper before from a province in Visayas and paid Php3000/month but we took care of her food, shelter, and even her school expenses (she stopped when she was 17 and continued her studies in a public high school nearby so it’s actually not a problem). But my other friends say that they pay 5k-10k to their helpers because they’re(the helpers) from Metro Manila.

  16. this figures are exaggerated. If this is really the case,then alot of managers and teachers would not be opting to be caregivers abroad. In short di sana gaano karami ang OFW’s

  17. I am supporting a filipino bar girl since last 3 years. I am paying her 45 K pesos to support her family. Asides this I pay her house rent 5 K and I also pay additional money for important functions in thier family (birthday,anniversary etc).
    She says that money is not enough for her family’s survival and always complain to me. After seeing the average filipino family income , I am shocked.Thanks for posting this. Truly appreciate it. I think i may be taken for granted.

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