How does EasyOutsource work?

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EasyOutsource is a site where business owners and freelancers can browse, interview, and hire highly skilled workers in the Philippines. Filipinos work over the Internet part-time or full-time from their own location, performing a wide variety of tasks such as search engine optimization, content writing, website management, research, and personal assistant work. Employers communicate with their employees using our internal messaging system as well as outside services like Skype and Google Chat, and payment can be easily sent via the international money transfer service (worked out between employer and worker).

EasyOutsource was founded in 2009 by Michael Eisenwasser and Matt O’Brien, two web developers from Chicago. Like many Internet professionals, Matt and Mike have long incorporated offshore outsourcing into their business methods, and over the years they gained a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in outsourcing. They formed EasyOutsource with the mission of consolidating the best and most effective practices in outsourcing into one easy-to-use service.

EasyOutsource is modeled after the natural hiring process and is intended to be as flexible as possible. Registered members can post jobs and apply to jobs, contact each other through our internal messaging system, or use outside services like email, Skype and Google Chat. Get started

Why Should I Outsource?

Many small business owners and freelancers believe that outsourcing is only for large corporations. For many years this was true, as big business alone was able to afford the investment and overhead necessary to establish offshore offices and capitalize on low labor rates and improved business flexibility.

Within the last few years, however, the outsourcing revolution has begun to take shape in the small business world. As infrastructure in developing countries improves, more and more job-seekers are turning online to make their living. At the same time, a major shift is occurring in the thinking of small business owners and freelancers in places like the United States. Professionals are coming to realize that it is now possible to hire enthusiastic workers in other parts of the world at a fraction of the cost of domestic rates, all without leaving one’s office. The upside to this is twofold: professionals can spend more of their time doing what they want to do, and they can make more money.

Using EasyOutsource, small business owners and freelancers can hire friendly, intelligent, dedicated employees in the Philippines at 10 to 20 percent of the cost of domestic labor. Outsourcing thus opens the possibility of adding a long-term, full-time employee to assist small businesses and freelancers in their operations. This leads to increased productivity and income, and frees the business owner to focus on higher-level tasks or to simply spend less time working.

For Filipinos, the prospect of working online for an American company is very appealing. Most importantly, these jobs pay very well. The average online virtual assistant makes $400-600 (PHP 20,000-28,500) per month, significantly higher than most domestic jobs can pay. This is even more appealing given the current depressed labor market and the shortage of good jobs. In addition, many people love the comfort of working from their own home. Online work allows one to save on commuting, clothing, and eating expenses.

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  1. How then does EasyOutsource make their money when using the website is free of charge from both employer and employee, since I don’t see any advertisements on the website?

  2. I’m interested to hear from EasyOutsource regarding Muzi Mohale’s question.

  3. Hi Muzi & Mary, Good question. We don’t charge employers or workers to use the site, and we don’t display ads. We don’t anticipate that changing any time soon. So how do we make money? In keeping with our policy of maximum openness and transparency, I’m going to share with you as much as I can about what we’re thinking.

    We have a few different monetization methods that we’re considering. Whatever we do, our goals are to add value for our users, to not add complexity to the site, and to not restrict new users from joining the site. Your thoughts are more than welcome.

    Two possibilities are:

    Recruiting service. Employers can pay us a fee to do the legwork of finding, interviewing, and hiring perfect candidates for them. The cost for this would probably be around $700.

    Managed services. Employers can hire EasyOutsource to perform certain types of work, such as SEO or article writing. We would perform the work though a select team of high-quality agents hired directly from the site, with the work managed and guaranteed by EasyOutsource. The cost for this would probably be around $10-15 per hour, or else priced by project.

    What would people like to see?

  4. I’d be more inclined to use the managed services then the recruiting service. Most of the time my projects are short term so by using your team of pro’s I’d know I’m getting the work done that needs doing without constantly having to hire someone for a short term project or feeling bad hiring people then running out of work for them to do.

  5. Thanks Scott. Would you be okay with paying $10-15 per hour for managed services, when you could hire a worker independently for $3-8 per hour?

  6. Dick said on May 22, 2011

    The charge per hour is sort of relative. Whats important is the quality and quanity of the work provided. For instance if the charge is $10.00 per hour for a article writer. How many and what length will be delivered per hour?

  7. How could they monitor my working time? Is there any program that I should download?

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